Your brain cannot see a not

A few weeks (months? I lose track of time – side effect of not sleeping much) ago I had a life changing experience. In a corporate training, of all places.

I’m not trying to be dramatic, but a single concept solidified a belief I was starting to come around to – that if you put it out there in the universe, the universe will respond.

Want to know the six words that finished changing the way I look at the world?

Your brain cannot see a not.

Confused? Close your eyes and try not to picture a dog chasing a cat.

The example that the instructor used related to driving stick, and I realize this is unfortunately a dying art form for the masses. As a lover of manual transmission cars – the real ones with an actual clutch you have to physical push in – I related completely.

When you first learn, it’s pretty stressful. And you inevitably end up at a light, on a hill, with some jerk pulled up way too close to you. The light turns green and you keep telling yourself, “Do not roll back, do not roll back.”

But your brain is visual. So it sees you rolling back. And then you either hit the guy behind you or peel out in a cloud of smoke and need new tires (just me on that one? *shrug*).

As I said, I’ve come around to the whole ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy of life. Put yourself out there, ask for what you want, and you’ll be shocked at how the future unfolds. (Of course there’s a whole lot of hard work that’s going to happen between asking and getting for most things. Let’s not belittle that. But the first step is asking the universe for it.)

But I’m thinking the universe is a lot like our brain.

“Universe, do not let me hit that car.”

“Please, do not let my new book suck.”

“Do not let me win the lottery.”

Okay, maybe that last one is stretching it. But really what I’m saying is our thoughts are powerful you guys. Way more powerful than we give them credit for and realize. Just as you watch what you say, you should watch what you think.

Be a positive person on the outside and inside. Throw out what you want to get back. Work your ass off and when someone tells you that you cannot possible succeed, let your brain drop the not.

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