What I’ve Read 2016

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So, fun fact.

I'm really terrible at writing reviews. They're kind of like the blurbs we have to write for books - you know, the summary on the back or on the Amazon page. It's hard to boil it down to a fraction of the book. Really hard. I used to think that about book reports too, until I discovered a secret.

I could just re-write the blurb (which then I only knew as "the back cover") in my own words. Add some color. Viola! Sixth grade life hack right there*.

But, considering I'm often paralyzed in trying to figure out what the hell to read next, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites I've read this year, with really lame "reviews" in case you're looking for something to kill time until the next Charlotte Hayes novel is out.

Sharp Objects

I liked it. It took a little while for me to be convinced it was good - not like Gone Girl that I was instantly addicted to (at least my best recollection is that is how it was), but once I was in, I was all in, ya know? Be warned, and this isn't really a spoiler because it hits pretty fast, it is about murdered little girls. And motherhood has turned me into a wimp so it was tough to push past that for me, but once I did it was worth it.

Yes Please

This woman is hilarious and awesome and grew up a town over from my college roommate and I definitely was messaging her asking if she ever got served ice cream by Amy Poehler. I thoroughly enjoyed this, as I did Tina Fey's (actually that was one of the best books I've ever read) and Mindy Kaling's. I love these hilarious women.

Cuff Lynx

This is number four in her Lynx series and I've loved all of them. If you like the Charlotte Hayes series, won't be bored by less swearing and less sex, and enjoy a bite sized amount of super-natural in your plots, definitely check these out (start here). Plus, Fiona is awesome and runs a fantastic website for writers that I use for research frequently. 10 points to anyone who is able to link a Charlotte scene directly to her site**.

Angel Fire

This #5 in The Ryan Chronicles series, and I immediately read #6, Angel Fury as well. This series is totally different than everything else listed here. It's full on supernatural/paranormal suspense with some romance thrown in. There's vampires, angels, the devil, you name it. One of the things I love about Taylor's books is many of them all link together - a supporting character in one series might get spun off into his own series, and so on. It's like being part of a big family - or running joke - as you really get to know everyone and their history. That said, each series can also stand alone, so wherever you jump in, you're safe - though I would highly suggest starting at the beginning of a particular series to get the full understanding. I started with the Steve Williams Series (find book 1 here) and went from there.

I'm planning to add more crappy reviews to a new page here on the website (I'll link it back once it's up and running). I'm setting a goal of 20 books for next year (to read... not to write, sorry) so I'll add to it as I do. I try to read a few "big name" authors but also get in some of the indie and lesser knowns too - which I think you get a feel for with this short sample of the 15 books I read this year.

What was your favorite book you read in 2016? What are you most looking forward to reading in 2017?

*Hoping Mr. McKean doesn't find this post... if you do, sorry! I find this shameful as a writer now. Kind of.

**Points redeemable for super fan status

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