Toadstool Bookshop Appearance 11/29/14

Last weekend I was invited to participate in a writing discussion and signing at my favorite local bookstore, Toadstool Bookshop, alongside some other authors from the area. Having not taken part in a discussion of any sort, and having spent the last six months avoiding actually talking out loud about my books and writing, I was fairly nervous for this.

I’ve always been better (at least, in my opinion) at putting words on paper than out in the air. My thoughts move at the right speed for writing and typing, but speaking…. Sometimes I get ahead of myself, or can’t find the right way to express things. And did I mention I didn’t really prepare in any way for this? I wasn’t even sure where to start, what kinds of things would be asked, and I just prayed no one would make me read out loud.

But lucky for me, the group was fantastic and I was put at ease almost instantly by the various experience levels of like-minded people. It feels cliché to say, but writing is very isolating, and talking with people that are right there with you, who struggle with the same things, and who don’t try to commit you when you tell them about the conversation you had with the made-up people in your head is pretty amazing.

Being asked about why I write, how I write, and what some of the biggest challenges are was enlightening. It’s not that I don’t think about those things – my mind never stops so they certainly come up on occasion. But coming up with coherent answers to those questions was eye-opening. I write because I have to. I’d be crazy and miserable if I didn’t. My writing methods are nothing short of made-up and random. I don’t plot, I don’t plan, I hardly keep notes – aside from the occasional witty line I think up on my drive home – and, this feels like a confession, I don’t even write in chapters in the first draft.

All that said, I totally word-vomited my motivations over everyone there, tried to get my “just-do-it” mentality about chasing your dreams across without sounding like a lunatic, and am just happy the pregnancy hormones didn’t take over and reduce me to tears. It was surreal and strange, but a really fantastic day. I even got some Christmas shopping done 🙂

Everyone there was supportive and amazing. I’ve linked below to the other authors as available, as well as a some posts and pictures from Facebook. We’re all in the suspense/mystery genre my “to-be-read” list is several books longer now. Definitely check them all out, I think there’s a little something for everyone

Event Post from Dale T. Philips

Photos from Steve Hobbs

Author/Amazon Pages:

T. Stephens

Dale T. Philips

Steve Hobbs

Marlene Austin

K.D. Mason

John T. Hitchner

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