Three before Thirty

I was working on updating the design of my site last night and caught the little “archives” list in the sidebar. I’ve posted at least once every month since I started the blog – except for January. So yes, this post is getting thrown up tonight more to appease my slightly OCD need for patterns. But it’s also the beginning of the year (well the end of the beginning maybe?) and a good time to reflect on goals and for some – the dreaded R word – resolutions.

Somewhere around the time I was finishing my first draft of Long Lost, I started asking myself where all of this was going to go. I’ve never been great at writing down or even defining goals. As a perfectionist, it’s easier to not write them down or make them known, because then if I fail, I can pretend I wasn’t really trying.

But my good friend Kristin is a list-making, goal-writing-down-and-ass-kicking, fiend. And she’s on her way to massive success pursuing her passion of photography. So, she’s gotta be onto something, right?

A lot of people have these “30 before 30” bucket lists. Which is great. But I didn’t get organized early enough and time is ticking away (like, 30 will be here next month. As in the one that starts tomorrow). I may do a list of the 30 things I’m most proud to have accomplished before 30, but that feels like it might be a little braggy to share. Or not. We’ll see.

But I am a lover of catchy-phrases and arbitrary lists, I decided a while back that my goal would be three before thirty.

Three published books that is. I didn’t write it down anywhere, but trust me, it was ingrained in my own head. And I’m proud to say I pulled it off. Almost Found gave me a run for my money but I cleared the goal with two months to spare.

I’m never one to take the easy way out though so here is a full list of three things to accomplish before thirty, of course with the first already being completed. (I really think that’s the only way to start a list, with something already checked off.)

  1. Publish three novels
  2. Welcome my second child into the world
  3. Enjoy the last few weeks of my twenties

I’m not overly ambitious at this point. One of those is virtually unavoidable. And the other is subjective.

As for the rest of the year…

  • Build and move into our new home
  • Publish the next three Charlotte Hayes novels
  • Publish a YA trilogy I can’t get out of my head
  • Enjoy the crap out of my family

That’s pretty much it. I could probably add “lose the baby weight” and all that junk too. But I feel like that’s a given and not the priority at the moment. Do you make goals (or resolutions) regularly? With one month down in 2015 have you stuck to any this long?


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