The rumors are false

I am not dead, and the Charlotte Hayes Series is not over with four books. I’m very much alive and so is Charlotte, no worries there.

But did you forget I had this website? Cause I kind of did for a while.

In fact, something broke on it at some point and it was straight-up not working when I finally came back to try and do something.

So my apologies for the serious neglect over here, just trying to keep it real folks.

Looks like my last post was in July 2015. (Gross.) So let’s catch up quick, shall we?

New house, kids are older, ran a lot, worked the day job, got a new day job, built a barn and chicken coop and filled both with ducks, chickens, goats, and quail – oh and some barn cats because dead mice in the goat water? Yeah, no. If you follow me on instagram or Twitter (SSLangeWrites on both) you’ll get some occasional farm yard fun.

I could go on and on about how busy I’ve been, because you guys, so busy, but you don’t want to hear that.

You want to know when the f*ck the next book is coming out because how the hell could I leave you hanging like that?

I know, I’m kind of an asshole with endings. And you should probably thank my editor because if it was up to me I’d be even meaner and you’d have no closure at all. But she’s protecting you, my dear loyal readers.

All that said, soon. No specific dates yet, but I’m pretty happy with the shape it’s in at this point and am extremely motivated to get it out to you guys, you’ve waited plenty long enough.

On that note, thank you all for reading what I write. Seriously, I haven’t published anything new in what feels like an embarrassingly long amount of time but you’re all still so excited for the next one and you have no idea how amazing that feels. I can’t wait to share this next one with you and please know my fingers are already on fire wanting to get #6 down on paper. And maybe some other stuff I’ve been half working on for years.

Stay tuned. 2017 is going to be the year of so.many.words. for me.

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