The Night Twitter Broke My Refresh Button

Have you ever participated in a Twitter chat? Where a bunch of people use a hashtag and go all crazy and there are a million conversations to try and keep track of?

It’s incredibly exhausting. And fun. And, get this – kind of informative.

I stumped upon this one purely by accident last night as Jennie Davenport filled my feed with this #SexInTheRound hashtag. So clearly the toddler got put to bed a few minutes early because I had to know wtf was going on (she was tired, I swear).

I was utterly overwhelmed by the whole thing and forced my way into the conversation the way you can’t do in real life. And I had a blast, would like to think I made some new friends (Hii!), and realized other people think similar thoughts as me. Go figure.

I won’t even try to summarize it because 1) I don’t have the patience for that, 2) I’m supposed to be editing or something, and 3) Angelina Williamson already did an amazing job on her blog Better Than Bullets, so why duplicate work?

So go. Read. Enjoy.

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