Kid Stories – 1st Edition

My oldest has started asking me to tell her stories at bedtime, in addition to the two stories we read each night. I find this to be an uncomfortable amount of pressure, but so far she seems to enjoy them. Occasionally, I get lucky and she’ll tell me a story as well.

I mean sure, she could use some work on character development and plot lines. But I love listening to her tell these stories. They’re silly and often don’t make much sense to me, but to her they make all the sense in the world.

So, here’s a glimpse into my wild, creative, and silly four year old’s head.

Once there was a bear family and their names were Brownie and Bob*, that’s the dad’s name, and Brownie is the mom. And the little brother was named… ummmm Pear, and the little sister’s name was, um, Tiana**. And Tiana and Friend Bear – actually… Pear, and Brownie and Bob went off for a hike. And, and then… they meeted a brownie shop. And they ate all of it. The End.

There waaaas, a little little princess, and she was a baby princess. And then she got like, four, four and a half. And then, the princess… knowed everything. And her name was Tiana***. And Tiana loved dancing. Even she found a green dress to put on. And a green…. crown. And then she would be a princess. And green gloves. And then she met a little frog. The End.


*There was a lot of giggling after this… it’s her dad’s name so she thought she was being really hilarious.

** She has a bunch of Disney princesses on her wall, and one of the ones she can see from her bed if she looks behind her is Tiana. So, she stars in a lot of stories.

***Told you.


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