I can finally say it… OUT LOUD *cover reveal*

It took me way, way longer to get this one finished than I would have liked. I’m not one to make excuses, but the whole being super pregnant and having a baby thing really slowed me down unfortunately. (Unfortunately only from the writing perspective. The kid is, in fact, amazing.) But I’m finally able to say Book 4 in the Charlotte Hayes Series will be released on July 13th!

Quick tip: sign up for my newsletter. And not because I want to spam you, but because I’m going to give you a chance to grab an e-copy before it’s released! Make sure you’ve gotten your reviews up of the other books as well and you’ll be a step ahead of the game.

Oh, and I can also stop calling it “Book 4” now – thank God, that was starting to irritate me, so I’m sure you guys are done with it also… anyway, cover and blurb below, along with pre-sale links if you feel so inclined. The excitement around The Charlotte Hayes Series lately has been so energizing I’m already a third into the draft of the next one. Girl never gets a break, sorry Char.

After an unexplained breakup and months without speaking to him, Charlotte Hayes is given an undercover assignment that forces her into a steamy relationship with Special Agent Chase McKinney as part of their cover. Working hand-in-hand, the pair must determine the intentions of a billionaire and his wife and their possible link to terrorist activities.

With exes, explosions, secrets, and Las Vegas temptations coming at them from every angle, Charlotte and Chase must contain the damage, control their feelings, and find a way to survive.




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