How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Summer vacation has such a different meaning as an adult. As a kid it meant weeks that felt endless at the pool, at camp, getting muddy in the little brooks in the woods behind our neighborhood, and of course – because I grew up spoiled – lots of time at my grandparents lake house. Sunscreen was a daily accessory and going to bed with hot skin and sand in my hair meant a day well spent.

As an adult, all that is squeezed into a week or two and jam-packed weekends. Luckily, we were able to sneak away for a week, as we do nearly every year, and spend it “up at the lake”, as we say in our family.

We swam, we kayaked, we took a trip to a popular kid’s theme park I have my own memories of, we ate ice cream, built sand castles, and had ourselves a grand old time. I’d like to say we slept in, but the toddler would have none of that.

Watching our daughter jump off the dock and by the end of the week kinda sorta have the hang of the whole “kick kick kick splash splash splash” thing we’re counting as swimming, was pretty amazing. And I don’t mean it in a my kid is going to be an Olympic swimmer way (although I did video some, you know, just in case Bob Costas wants to run one of those little features on her…), it’s amazing in the sense that a year ago when we were there she couldn’t walk, and now she’s running, jumping, and doing something that sorta resembles swimming. Kids are pretty awesome.

I also somehow managed to read three books and get some last minute edits done on Long Lost. But you guys, I’m terrible at reviews. They’re like book reports and I will admit to having reworded a few back covers in my day for those dreaded things. (I’m probably not supposed to fess up to that, am I?) But here are the books I read over vacation. I liked them all, they’re all completely different and if any seem interesting to you I say go for it. They were all fairly quick reads by my standards. And let me know your thoughts! (Click the covers to get to the Amazon page for each book.)

You can keep up with what I’m reading (and it’s quite a strange collection of genres, if you couldn’t tell from these three) on Pinterest and I’m on Goodreads now too!

Oh, and if you get through all those books and still are looking for something else (what a good little reader you are!) Charlotte Hayes will be happy to oblige beginning August 5th. Check out the newsletter here and I’ll make sure you don’t forget 🙂

What reading have you done over summer vacation?

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