Charlotte’s Birthday List

Today, is Charlotte Hayes’s birthday.

To celebrate, I thought I would throw together a gift list, in case any of you felt inclined to shower her with presents. Girl deserves a few nice things, don’t you think?

 Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards


I mean, obviously.

Sweet new holster

Let’s face it, she needs to carry pretty much always.

Waterproof Phone


For the next time she’s trying to call McKinney from the shower. Or inevitably ends up in some other kind of trouble…

First Aid Kit

Never know when she’s going to need it.

What other suggestions do you have for Miss Hayes?… I mean Officer Hayes.


*Disclaimer: None of these companies/products know I exist. Well, Dunks should from the amount of money I spend there. But this was all in fun and I received no compensation for posting any of these. Those holsters are freaking awesome though, amiright?*

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