And now there’s two…

Yes, in case you missed it, my second daughter was born on February 11th. All went well, I swore a little less than with my first, but cried a little more (just, ow) and she entered the world at 6:27pm largely because I was determined to deliver her before the shift change (that’s how awesome my nurse was).

The last two and a half weeks have been spent trying to figure out how to manage two little girls without going crazier than I already am. It’s left little time for writing. Or social media. Or exercising. Or you know, showering.

She’s amazing though. In fact, the two of them together are basically my favorite thing in the world.

I won’t say the fog is lifting or that I’m getting the hang of anything, because that’s a lie. But I am craving routine and productivity. Bad.

So bring it on brain, let’s get some words on paper.

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