Almost Found is… almost here! And some holiday cheer!

I am such a liar. I’ve been telling everyone that Almost Found, the third book in The Charlotte Hayes Series will be out in January. And I really hate to go back on my word. But… the release date for Almost Found (e-book) is….

Sunday, December 14th!

As in, this Sunday.

I know it’s a little sudden and hopefully I haven’t caught you off guard. I’d say consider this my Christmas gift to you, but, although I try to be frugal (my credit cards might disagree at the moment, but I digress…), I am by no means stingy and you guys have helped make 2014 one of the most amazing years. This time last year Charlotte Hayes wasn’t even a spark in my head and there wasn’t a word on paper about her. And look where we are now! So I’d like to give you something even better.

Oh! But wait, I haven’t even shown you the amazing Almost Found cover yet! I’m going to admit it’s my favorite cover so far, and I’m also going to assume you can all figure out why 😉

almost found  So anyway, back to my gift to you. Hopefully you’ve all seen my posts about the Goodreads Giveaway I have going on for a signed copy of Long Lost. But this is bigger. Better.

Hayes Holiday GiveawayYeah, you read that right. Paperback copies of the first three Charlotte Hayes novels, signed. Now, the paperback won’t be ready quite yet for Almost Found, so if you win and you’re just itching to see what the hell Charlotte and McKinney are up to, I will gladly send you an e-copy as a bonus. How’s that for holiday cheer?

Instructions for entry are below. You’ll notice there’s no “Share on Facebook” entry. Did you know that actually goes against Facebook policy to require a share? I know, learn something new every day. That said, please feel free to share the giveaway, my page, and my books wherever and however you see fit. It won’t earn you extra entries, but I promise it’s good karma, and who couldn’t use a little extra help in that area?

There are multiple ways to enter, and some you can do more than once! So check it out, enter as much as you’d like and I can’t wait to give these books away! The giveaway will close at midnight on Sunday, December 14th and I’ll contact the winner as soon as I can on Monday morning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh, and here’s the blurb for Almost Found, in case you were wondering…

Charlotte Hayes was looking forward to a fresh start at the FBI academy, but the bomb Special Agent Chase McKinney dropped before she boarded the plane set her head spinning.

McKinney had always been the rock on the other end of a phone line, and Chase had been the one man who made the darkness from Charlotte’s past disappear. Finding out they were one and the same clouded her mind and left her questioning his every move. With each secret that is unraveled, her trust in Special Agent Chase McKinney’s motives wanes.

When McKinney is assigned as a counselor at the academy, the chemistry between he and Charlotte is as volatile as the crime family they put behind bars. And that crime family isn’t done with either one of them yet. Taunted with new threats, McKinney and Charlotte are forced to work together as a team to uncover their latest attacker.

Will Charlotte trust McKinney to have her back after everything he’s kept from her?

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