S.S. Lange is a suspense novelist and the author of The Charlotte Hayes Series.

I'm the kid that hid under the covers with a flashlight, reading until far past my bedtime. I'm also the kid that sometimes had a pencil and paper under those covers.

My first 'published' writing was a poem I wrote about my deceased father. Or maybe it was a sea animal joke in the local paper. Either way, it was some time in elementary school.

I've traded the flashlights and notebooks for a laptop and smartphone, although I still do some of my best reading and writing planning under the covers (don't want to disturb the husband after all). I've got about a million plot lines in my head and only 24 hours in a day. There's no time for sleeping.

I write suspense novels that are sometimes gritty, occasionally funny (intentional or not, you decide), and chock full of chatty characters who occasionally get willingly or unwillingly laid. I believe in relatively happy-ish endings, cause I'm a sap like that. I also swear a shit ton. I try to keep the f-bombs off the interwebs, but the books are fair game. You've been warned.

When I'm not writing or thinking about writing (okay fine, I'm always thinking about it), I enjoy long walks in the woods, terrible Netflix movies, and of course making animal noises and having dance parties with my daughters. My favorite place to read is on the treadmill and I haven't thanked my mom enough for the Kindle she got me a few years ago.