Don’t Ever Give Up

Hard to believe it was just about a year ago I started my facebook page, and effectively announced to the world I was going to be a published author. And here I am on the eve of my FOURTH novel being released.
As long as I can remember, “be published” has been on my proverbial bucket list, long before anyone called them that. (I think it was just my “do these things before I die” list. Not morbid at all for a ten year old, amiright? I really need to get to that swim with dolphins one though…)

I could have written it off a long a time ago as I was published in a collection of poetry as a kid. And I wrote for the local paper in high school. So technically, I achieved “being published”. But some stars aligned and I realized maybe I could actually write a novel.

And as of tomorrow, there will be four installments in The Charlotte Hayes Series. Charlotte and I have learned a lot together and we’ve both changed and grown quite a bit over these last 1,000-something pages. But the main thing I think we’ve both learned from this journey so far is this: don’t ever give up.

Things will get in your way. You’ll make excuses, you’ll be tired, you’ll get distracted. People will try to kill you (okay, that one is only Charlotte). You’ll decide to sell your house, have a baby, and build a new house all at once (okay, that one is just me). But you just keep going. Because you know what you ultimately want, even if you sometimes pretend you don’t.

Charlotte is by no means done with me, nor I with her. We’ve still got a ways to go. But we’re going.

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of Out Loud!

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